Are you getting bored and struggling to fill the time whilst having to stay at home? The EB Family Support team has searched all over to bring you a list of great resources to help you and your family learn a new skill, continue with your hobbies or even stay connected with others.

There’s something for everyone! We’ve done our best to include something for all ages – children and adults – and to enjoy by yourself or with your family, friends carers, support workers and nurses.

Feel free to Get in touch with our family support coordinator if you recommend other resources that could be added to this page.

Disclaimer: The links below are to third-party resources and DEBRA cannot be held responsible for any wrong or misleading information. If you do not believe a site is genuine or in the best interest of the EB Community, please contact the DEBRA team immediately so that it can be removed from this page if necessary.

Select a heading below to find an activity to suit you:

Social connection with family and friends is important. The internet means we can still be connected – through a computer, smart TV or mobile device – even whilst we’re having to stay in our homes.

  1. 75 calm down activities for kids – click here
  2. Open Heart Studio kind home family activity pack – click here
  3. Favourite kids’ books read by famous people – click here
  4. Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts – click here
  5. Free at-home kids yoga – click here
  6. Free Isolation Journal or My Lockdown Journey (print at home or free shipping) – click here
  1. 100 activities to do at home during school closures – click here
  2. The Growing Space – Top thirty ways to use support workers creatively while avoiding COVID-19
  3. 60+ activity ideas to do with kids at home – click here
  4. Illustrated fun kids recipes – click here
  5. Kid-friendly workouts – click here
  6. Indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt inspiration – click here
  7. Write letters to friends or family. Make activities for them to do such as word searches and puzzles.
  8. Nature Play Week– top 10 list of fun things to do in your own back yard
  9. “Remember the Five” Dance –
  1. Australian Special Education Principals Association – Online resources for students and families
  2. One million free printable worksheets from toddlers to teens – click here
  3. Learn the valuable skill of touch typingfor free
  4. Learn a languagefor free
  5. Dive into the world of weatherfor kids
  1. Go on a virtual tour of some of the most famous places in the world
  2. Online photograph jigsaw puzzles from six to 1000+ pieces
  3. Coding with Star Wars
  4. Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover
  5. Get answers to your worldy wonders via short videos
  6. Educational games for all ages
  7. ABC ME  TV channel 23 – Educational curriculum based programming

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