As our organisation is experiencing uncertain times due to the current public health emergency, we are struggling with our ability to raise funds for our EB families and the life changing programs we deliver.

We are concerned for the health of our EB families and have already heard heartbreaking stories of some of our families struggling with poor health in this very stressful time. For many families they are already faced with the stress of financial strain as they self-isolate to ensure their family is protected from this virus that impacts those with lower immune capacity.

We need our EB supporters and DEBRA family to come together at this time so we can ensure the huge gap in income we now face due to the need to cancel events, does not threaten our ability to continue supporting our families.

A gift either big or small will help us continue to be there for our precious EB families and make sure they get the support and care they need during this time of crisis and beyond.

Hundreds of EB families and individuals need DEBRA more than ever during Covid-19.

Thank you from all of us at DEBRA Australia