The National EB Dressing Scheme has been funded by the Australian Government since 2010 and is currently administered by Independence Australia. A Clinical Advisory Committee provides advice on the operation of the scheme, eligibility criteria and dressings to be subsidised under the scheme. The committee consists of a variety of clinical experts and an EB consumer representative, who may seek input from DEBRA Australia and EB nurses from time to time.

Access to the National EB Dressing Scheme is available to patients who meet certain eligibility criteria.  These criteria are based on confirmation of the diagnosis of EB.

All types of EB and patients of all ages are eligible under the scheme. Applicants must be referred by an approved Specialist Health Care Professional (HCP), and be Australian citizens or residents who are eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

Under the scheme, a monthly supply of approved dressings is delivered to eligible patients’ homes.  Patients are required to contribute to the cost of their monthly supply of dressings.  This contribution is equivalent to one Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme co-payment and the Australian Government meets the remaining costs.

For more information on the EB Dressing Scheme, go to the scheme’s website: or contact Dayan.Mashhour the Program Lead at Independence Australia, on: 0411 725 684 or email