There are many many worthy charitable organisations in Australia today that help and support people with health, mental and circumstantial needs and issues.

If anybody was looking to either monetarily support or volunteer for any one of these organisations one could not pass up the opportunity to become involved with DEBRA.

DEBRA is somewhat unique in that it supports a small number of people in Australia that are afflicted with a rare and sometimes fatal internal & external skin. DEBRA is also unique in that it donates virtually all of its fundraising to the people, often children, that are afflicted, it does not have expensive office spaces and has a volunteer staff.

The wonderful aspect of the organisation is that it supports the most amazingly positive array of sufferers that in many cases have defyied their mortality by many years, quite possibly because of their attitude, and the help of DEBRA. DEBRA well and truly “punches above its weight” against other better funded and longer established charities because it commits it’s all!

Mike Kennedy
General Manager, Wolff Design and Mentor, DEBRA Australia