Congratulations to Zoe Hanvey who was selected at the Follow Your Dreams Recipient for 2018. Here is Zoe’s story told by her father David:

Earlier this year, Zoe made a wish (without our knowledge !) to DEBRA.  Her wish was to be able to go on a waterslide, where she would feel safe due to her skin and where people wouldn’t stare at her wounds.

DEBRA granted that wish and organised a day out at Funfields in Whittlesea.  Upon arrival, we greeted by one of the owners, Liz, who informed us that they had allocated Zoe her very own lifeguard for the day.  Zoe was treated like a VIP, where Brock the lifeguard carried her shoes between the pools, assisted her up the stairs to the top and made sure there was no lining up.  He shadowed her throughout her time there and made sure everything was going smoothly.

She enjoyed all the water slides, but her favourite was the Splashdown.   Her brother and sister were also lucky enough to join her on the day, which made for a fun family outing.
Zoe would like to thank DEBRA Australia and Funfields for making her wish come true.

Kind Regards,
David Hanvey