Hot off the press!

The research team from Adelaide (Prof Krasimir Vasilev, Prof Allison Cowin and Dr Zlatko Kopecki) from University of South Australia are excited to share their latest research publication in the prestigious American Chemical Society journal Applied Materials and Interfaces.

This research was supported by DEBRA Australia Research Grant and describes the development of the novel biocompatible hydrogel treatment which delivers silver to wounds and effectively eliminates hard-to-treat bacteria. Infected wounds are a constant problem for EB patients and currently available silver dressings can have associated toxicity and lack of efficacy required to treat harmful pathogens.

“Our vision is a life free of pain for EB sufferers, and we hope that developing a safe and effective wound dressing for treatment of infected blister wounds will significantly impact on lives of children and adults living with EB” says Dr Kopecki from University of South Australia.

The biocompatible hydrogel has unique properties which allow the controlled and sustained release of silver over time leading to biofilm eradication and infection clearance. The study will now progress to testing the novel antibiofilm platform in vivo and we are excited to see the outcomes of future studies. To read the full text of the published article please click here: Haidari et al. 2020