Andrew Million Dollar Run 1

The Million Dollar Run is an amazing fundraising campaign being done by DEBRA Australia Supporter Andrew Biszczak. This 3000km Adelaide to Brisbane Solo Charity Run for DEBRA Australia incorporates an average of 5 marathons/week for 4 months with one clear objective – to raise a minimum of $1,000,000 for the courageous and inspirational Butterfly Children around Australia…

Travelling with my wife Sonia and nine year old daughter Tiffany, I will not only raise these desperately needed funds for the Butterfly Children but also build enormous awareness of this dreadful disease known as EB, which effects around 1000 sufferers in Australia who are born and live every day of their lives covered in blisters – while enduring a life in constant pain…

So please, follow this adventure and find it in your heart to donate all that you can – this is a cause that is so incredibly worth supporting…

“The smallest action is much more powerful than the greatest intention…”

Take care,

Andrew Biszczak
The Million Dollar Run

DEBRA Australia is incredibly thankful for the amazing effort that Andrew is putting into his fundraising campaign, we wish him all the best in his training and can’t wait to see him cross the finish line in Brisbane.

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