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At the end of October 86 year young Kenny Stephens will be kayaking down the Murray in an epic adventure The Summit to the Sea. Starting at Bringenbrong just below the river source in NSW and ending at the Murray mouth in South Australia. A distance of 2,500kms give or take a click will be covered and Kenny will be self sufficient all the way except in emergencies. Kenny will paddle during the day and find a spot on the river bank to pitch his tent and rest up each night, then every 4/5 days have a lay day to catch up on chores and repairs. The journey should take over 2 months and Kenny is hoping to meet as many people as possible on his journey down the river.

Many have asked Kenny why when I could be enjoying a good book or two and the odd glass of red but Kenny has bigger ideas and this is his tenets of life. “We must keep active in our dotage, use it or lose it. To lose it at the back end of life usually means we have lost it for good.”

Kenny will be supporting DEBRA Australia on his epic journey and trying to raise much needed awareness and funds for families all around Australia. Kenny’s reasons for that decision you will discover if you take just a moment to log onto their website and read the DEBRA story and some of the stories of the families they support.

Kenny would love to have as many friends come say Hi along the route and will try and keep you updated on where he is at and where he is going next. Kenny is hoping to raise $5,000 for the cause as this is the approximate amount it takes to provide two weeks in home EB Nurse care for a family caring for a loved one suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is likened to living with third degree burns and requires 3 hour bleach bath and dressing changes every second day which can be a crushing burden on these families. If he reaches this target then Kenny says he will really enjoy that book and glass of red. When the journey is over he will be putting his whole outfit Kayak, tent, all equipment and electronics up for sale and donate a large percentage of the sale price back to DEBRA Australia.

You can help Kenny by donating to his target by clicking here and help spread awareness by sharing his journey.

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More events are coming up soon in 2019! Be sure to check here later for all the event details.